Computerized Lace Braiding Machine
Computerized Lace Braiding Machine

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Computerized Lace Braiding Machine

This machines series are suitable to produce different size and material of strands braided ropes, which is widely used in shoelace, fishing line, sports rope, bungee rope, skipping rope, climbing rope, pet rope, hosts, etc. The machine is equipped with yarn break stop automatically device and frequency converter. The machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, safety and easy operation.

Main Features

  1. The Machine is High speed and still noiseless.
  2. Space saving, because of compact design.
  3. The yarn packages, generally available in cone form, can directly mounted on creel and fed to the machine.
  4. Stop motion fitted for detecting the yarn.
  5. Density of produced cord is adjustable by change pitch gears system.
  6. Make different size of products by changing the pitch gears.
  7. Adopting frequency control motor, which is easy to control the speed.
  8. Auto stop system has a sensitive reaction, when the yarn is over or breaks, the machine will stop automatically, which reduce the waste of the yarn.
  9. This machine lower the labor cost and increase the production.